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Winde Jackson, Owner & Pastry Chef 


Words from Winde Jackson, Owner & Pastry Chef about the new Shop. 

Winde's passion for baking started by making cakes and other desserts for her friends and family.  It went from making a few cakes here and there to having enough orders to fill her house. She even had to buy a second refrigerator due to the lack of space! Since her house became a working bakery, she decided it was time to separate her work and home environments. Winde prayed and the Lord guided her to find the right place to open her first official bakery.

Winde earned a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, with a concentration in Food and Beverage, from East Carolina University.  She holds a ProChef II Certification from the Culinary Institute of America and a Culinary Arts Degree from Nash Community College

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